Friday Frontline

Any administrative officer has to work in close congruence with the society. In fact, he is entrusted with the vital responsibility of societal development. Hence, the administrator must have a deep understanding of the social situation, along with the pressing socio-economic issues. UPSC tries to ascertain this social understanding of the candidates at every stage of the exam such as prelims, mains and interview. ‘Current Affairs’ naturally becomes a key component in the preparation of the exam. In order to boost the efforts of students for preparation of the current affairs, the Unique Academy has initiated a regular activity, named ‘Friday Frontline’. Frontline is a renowned fortnightly by the Hindu group, which consistently publishes comprehensive and analytical articles about regional, national as well as international affairs. The writings in this periodical are based on primary sources, surveys and research. There is a detailed cover-story on a relevant current issue, which tries to discuss, explain and analyze it from different perspectives. This kind of writings is immensely useful for the students preparing for UPSC, especially for General Studies; optional such as History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology and Geography; Essay writing and Interview. Therefore, through Friday Frontline, the issues covered by the periodical that are relevant to the examination are discussed in detail on Fridays, twice a month. Mr. Vijay Kunjir has been conducting these sessions for the last five years and these are well received by the students. For about 3 hours Kunjir sir discusses and explains the various issues covered by the periodical and critically analyzes them. Towards the end, a question answer session is conducted with the students. Every week different issues of national and international concern are taken up for discussion. The discussion is open to students of all batches and also to former students. Kunjir sir’s critical perspective, his analytical abilities as well as his depth of knowledge has made these sessions an enriching experience and hence these are very popular among the students.