IAS Foundation Course

The Unique Academy believes that ‘the sooner the better’ as far as the preparation for UPSC is concerned. Generally, the students start preparing for UPSC after their graduation, and thus cannot make effective use of the very vital under-graduate years for laying strong foundation for their UPSC preparation. To overcome this shortcoming, the Academy has carefully designed the IAS Foundation Course for the under-graduate students who aspire to achieve success in UPSC exam. This course has been designed as an introduction to the preparation for civil services exams. The students are given exposure to a broad range of topics, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the preliminary exams of UPSC. The Course is delivered by faculty members, visiting scholars and specialized practitioners in the respective fields. The topics covered include public policy and administration, politics, history, geography, economics, science and technology and current affairs. The Foundation Course gives emphasis on assignments, field visits, screening of documentaries and socially relevant films, lectures by experts as well as successful UPSC candidates etc. It focuses on development of the overall personality, communication skills, competitive approach, writing skills etc. Various methods are utilized for cultivation of these skills such as group discussions, presentations, newspaper reading, book review, mock Parliament, mock interviews etc. Thus the course aims at enriching the overall learning experience of the students through various methodologies and making them curious about the happenings around them. Through all these efforts, the students are mainly prepared for General studies. They are also introduced to some optional subjects and are assisted in choosing the same. All these efforts go well in laying a solid foundation not only for preparation of UPSC but it proves to be extremely useful for overall personality development of students who would like to pursue any other career as well. The IAS Foundation Course is conducted as per following schedules.


The regular Foundation Course is for three months, which is conducted five days a week for 2 hours a day.

Summer (Vacation Batch)

The summer Course is a fulltime course for a month during the summer vacations. For more details About Batches and Schedules Please Visit Calender Page