Workshops and Seminars

Jagruti Abhiyan : Workshops and Seminars

seminarsThe Unique Academy is located in Pune with its branches in Kolhapur and Thane. In order to provide guidance to students from other areas especially rural and remote areas, the Academy took initiative by sending its staff members to different parts of Maharashtra and organizes workshops and seminars routinely. This has been very popular among UPSC/MPSC aspirants. The activity proves to be very useful for those who have little information about the examination and are in the need of guidance. Students and guardians are intimated about the workshop through a press note and advertisements in the news paper. During the workshop, different stages of exams are explained and information is provided for the appropriate courses in the Academy.

Seminars in Colleges:

Several colleges organize career guidance lectures in their campuses. As students have to be made aware regarding the opportunities in civil services, colleges approach the Academy to educate students on this front. The Academy readily accepts the invitation and takes it as an opportunity to spread maximum awareness about the Civil Services Exams. As Pune is a hub of educational activities and institutes, students coming from various parts of the state and country are benefited through such activities.