The Unique Academy - UPSC & MPSC Coaching Class

A democratic set up in a society like India characterized by class, caste, gender and regional disparities may not lead to human emancipation if it remains restricted to just formal, procedural level. Hence, conscious efforts have to be made in order to transform this formal, procedural democracy into a substantive one. A visionary political class; a responsive, accountable, clean and responsible bureaucracy; an informed and aware citizenry; existence of vibrant and powerful social movements are some of the prerequisites of this process of transformation.

With this broader aim in mind, the Unique Academy seeks to contribute towards the process of strengthening democracy in its own way. The Academy endeavors to fulfill its responsibility by imparting quality coaching and a progressive perspective to the aspirants of civil service exams as part of its mission to contribute towards creation of a humane, accountable, responsive and responsible bureaucracy.

On the other hand, it also tries to play a part in the creation of an informed citizenry by organizing intellectually stimulating activities such as lecture series, seminars, workshops etc.

In all, the Academy strives to create and widen the space for a positive intervention in the public realm in order to reach the goal of substantiating democracy and ultimately securing human emancipation through it.