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The Unique Academy, Pune was founded by Mr. Tukaram Jadhav & Mr. Malhar Patil with the vision of making a substantial difference to the society through the field of education. The Academy has become a renowned and well established name in the arena of coaching for Civil Services Examinations: UPSC and MPSC. During more than last fifteen years since its commencement, (informally in the beginning and formally since 2006) it has carved out a niche for itself as a reliable, student-centric, and result oriented institute in the field of civil services coaching, be it state level or central level. The very fact that in such a short span, more than 1000 students from the Unique Academy have achieved spectacular success in UPSC/MPSC speaks volumes for itself. However, it is pertinent to note at this juncture that the Unique Academy is not just ‘another UPSC/MPSC coaching class’ solely aimed at commercial interests. In fact, it is not a commercially driven institute, but a movement with much broader and deeper vision and commitment towards an egalitarian and truly democratic polity and society.


 To contribute towards the establishment of an egalitarian society where all the prevailing unjust, exploitative divides along the lines of caste, class, gender, region, religion and race have disappeared
 To contribute towards creation of a sensitive, responsive and responsible bureaucracy
 To utilize the domain of education as a means of societal change
 To create a space for public intervention through various projects and educational initiatives


 To increase the ratio of Maharashtrian candidates in Union Civil Services
 To increase the percentage of candidates from deprived sections of the society (Marathi medium, rural background as well as girl students) in the Civil Services
 To generate quality study material in Marathi as well as English
 To contribute towards revitalizing Humanities and Social Sciences through launching innovative courses
 To undertake extensive and exhaustive socio-economic and political research of Maharashtra under the banner of Maharashtra Study Centre
 To influence the formulation and implementation of Public Policies through active Public Policy Research
 To impart quality training to elected representatives, party activists and office bearers, as well as bureaucrats

Our Directors

MR. Malhar Patil

MR. Tukaram Jadhav